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Michael Baker

Thu 20 May, 7:00pm
Join NASA astronaut Michael Baker to find out what it's like to live in space, why building partnerships and collaborating is so important in orbit, and take a look at Scotland from space!
  • 11 and over
  • Space

David Elder Lecture: UKFAll – Retrieving meteorites and why it’s important

Thu 20 May, 1:00pm
Get the lowdown on the lockdown meteorite! Hear from Glasgow planetary scientists, Dr Luke Daly and Aine O'Brien, about how a small but mighty team of cameras, amateur astronomers and citizen scientists, collected the first UK meteorite in 30 years.
  • adults only
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Innovation Cocktails

Fri 21 May, 8:00pm
Join Richy, GSC’s cocktail enthusiast, as he teaches Still Game’s very own barman Gavin Mitchell how to make four easy cocktails. Download our recipe cards and join in at home.
  • 13 and over
  • Space

David Elder Lecture: Looking at our solar system with the James Webb Space Telescope

Fri 21 May, 1:00pm
What is the James Webb Space Telescope and why is it going to change how we see our solar system? Join Naomi Rowe-Gurney from the University of Leicester to find out.
  • 11 and over
  • Space

Scotland in Space: Derek Harris of Skyrora

Wed 19 May, 10:15am
Find out how Skyrora is building and testing rockets, developing innovative new rocket fuels, and taking the Scottish space industry to new heights.
  • 13 and over
  • Space

Stephanie Walker and Miriam Sargusingh

Wed 19 May, 8:00pm
Living in space has its challenges, but it's the engineers and scientists on the ground who find many of the solutions. Join NASA engineers Stephanie Walker and Miriam Sargusingh as we take a trip to low Earth orbit and beyond.
  • 11 and over
  • Space

Scotland Innovating in the Space Sector

Thu 20 May, 10:15am
The space sector is booming in Scotland. Join Pam Anderson and Derek Bennet of AAC Clyde Space to find out about innovation and growth in the space sector and how we use satellites to communicate and collect information.