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01 Jun-01 Jun 2023

Launch Pad

Around the World in 95 Minutes

  • 11 And Over
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Our Planet
  • Space

Right now, above your head, there are thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth. Come along and hear about a particular group of “cubesats” designed and built in Finnieston, Glasgow, by AAC Clyde Space. These small satellites are orbiting at altitudes of around 500km to 600km, travelling at over 7km/s (that’s kilometres per second, not per hour!), take just 95 minutes to travel around the whole world, and are collecting valuable information in the form of images of the Earth, coded messages from ships and other communications data.

As well as being designed and built by the river Clyde, these satellites are also being controlled and commanded daily by a team of engineers based in the same location. This session will provide a brief introduction to cubesats in general, give you an insight into the exciting world of satellite operations, and share some hints and tips about how you too could have an exciting career in the space industry.

If you would like more details on our missions or the other work we are doing in space, head to our website: AAC Clyde Space

About Rosie Tomlinson

I am the team lead for Satellite Operations at AAC Clyde Space in Glasgow. I’ve been with the company since January 2022, in which time I’ve been involved with the launch and commissioning of 7 new satellites, with more coming in early 2024. My work involves planning missions that are yet to launch, testing and problem solving during a satellite’s early life in space, and optimising performance once they are up and running.

I studied Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, then worked as a systems engineer on early-phase studies and missions for ESA (European Space Agency) projects for several years. After trying out a couple of different industries, I eventually returned to my passion in the space industry, and am very happy to be able to do so in beautiful Scotland!