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David Elder Lecture: UKFAll – Retrieving meteorites and why it’s important

  • 11 And Over
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Thu 20 May, 1:00pm

On Sunday 28th February, a bright fireball streaked across the sky in Southern England. It was seen from as far away as France, Belgium, Ireland and Scotland. This hugely bright event was the most captured fireball in history, with people across the UK recording their sightings of the fireball and sending them to the UK Fireball Alliance (UKFAll).

Thanks to this amazing citizen science effort, and a suite of high-tech all-sky fisheye cameras, scientists were able to calculate the trajectory of what became the first UK meteorite in 30 years – the Winchcombe meteorite. Hear from one of the leaders of UKFAll, Dr Luke Daly, of the University of Glasgow, who has spent the last 5 years establishing a network of fireball detectors, and his colleague Aine O’Brien, who joined Luke in the field search to recover the meteorite from the Gloucestershire countryside in March.

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