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01 Jun-02 Jun 2023

Holding the Ocean

  • Art
  • Climate Change
  • Oceans
  • Water

‘Holding the Ocean’ is connecting Scotland to its oceans through interactive and personal experiences. You are invited to explore stories from marine researchers, witnessing the changing Arctic and Northern Atlantic, with the on-land activities of Scots engaged in adaptation and mitigation projects across many sectors.

You can interact with the Holding the Ocean chatbot, and will also be invited to submit your own story to be added to the growing archive. Holding the Ocean, developed by artist Eve Mosher, is the result of an exciting art-science collaboration called Ocean ARTic. Additionally, you can hear composer Micahel Begg’s musical compositions based on the seasonal rise and fall of Arctic waters through “Light Water is Dark Water.”

Click this link to explore –

Holding the Ocean thumbnail by Derek Mitchell.