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01 Jun-02 Jun 2023

Mission 2121

  • 13 And Over
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Sustainability

Glasgow Climate Sisters is a group of 13 women who formed during a climate leadership course, run online by Zarina Ahmad through Gilded Lily in 2020. The women were encouraged to develop the ideas they had formed during this course, highlighting the aspects of climate change that they cared most about, into creative ways to have their voices heard. The project that emerged from this, which was initially called Local Women of the World, secured funding from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – a pot of money for each of the women to take part.
Meray Diner created a film called MISSION 2121, highlighting the importance of peatlands through the lens of aliens who come to harvest the plant life once humanity has become extinct.
“I think what we need is a systemic change, people can’t possibly do everything on their own. Be better informed, be more active about putting pressure on”.

You can see more of the projects completed by the Climate Sisters here.

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