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man sitting on iceberg floating out to sea
  • 13 and Over
  • Climate Change
  • Polar
  • Research

Adrift (∆Asea-ice)

Thu 30 Sep, 8:15pm
What if we could witness the effects of our own contribution to global heating? A groundbreaking scientific formula and a film from Greenland's vanishing sea ice. Join artist-filmmaker Adam Sébire and physicist Dirk Notz for a live Q&A after the film
COP26 flag blowing in the wind against blue skies
  • 8 and Over
  • Citizenship
  • Climate Change

What is COP26?

Fri 1 Oct, 1:45pm
Join our discussion to help explain climate change, net zero and why the COP is important. Pose your questions to Earth Scientist, Dr James Rae, and International Environmental Law expert, Dr Francesco Sindico. Get ready for COP26 coming to Glasgow!
  • 11 and Over
  • Careers
  • Climate Change

Green Jobs for a Net Zero Future

Wed 29 Sep, 10:30am
We are joined by guests from private and public sector organisations to discuss wide range of jobs that contribute to climate change mitigation. What does the green jobs market look like and how can you get involved?
view of ocean from the seabed with light coming through the water
  • 13 and Over
  • Climate Change
  • Oceans

Oceans Panel Discussion

Thu 30 Sep, 7:00pm
Join scientists from the Blue-Action project to find out how researchers across the world are working together to observe the oceans and build climate models that can support communities in adapting to a changing climate.
  • All Ages
  • Climate Change
  • Technology

Climate Change from Space – Satellites have seen it all

Wed 29 Sep, 1:45pm
Ever wondered what climate change actually looks like? Is it the same everywhere in the world? Find out how satellites can answer these questions in this David Elder Lecture.
  • 13 and Over
  • Art
  • Climate Change

Polar Zero

Wed 29 Sep, 7:00pm
Artist and sculptor Wayne Binitie’s immersive exhibition, Polar Zero, explores the past, present and future of our relationship with the planet and its climate. Find out more in this interview and sneak preview of the exhibition.
  • 13 and Over
  • Climate Change
  • Polar
  • Research

Climate Conversations – The Changing Arctic

Fri 1 Oct, 3:00pm
Join the first in our series exploring the science of changing climate, and how it is affecting the lives of people around the world. Discover how the Arctic is changing from those who explore the Arctic through research, and those who call it home.
  • 11 and Over
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Oceans

Save Our Scottish Seas

Wed 29 Sep, 9:15am
Dive into the secrets of our ocean, discover ways to help our Scottish seas and understand more about the creatures that call it home. Join Kirsty Crawford from the Marine Conservation Society to find out more.
Heather Reid with title "Meet the Expert"
  • 8 and Over
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability
  • Weather

Heather Reid Talks Climate Change

Thu 30 Sep, 9:15am
Severe weather conditions were seen all around the world in 2020 due to climate change. Join Heather Reid as she discusses the global impact of rising CO2 levels and how we are now experiencing a Climate Emergency.
  • 8 and Over
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability

How to be a Responsible Consumer

Thu 30 Sep, 10:30am
Are you doing everything you can to tackle climate change? Catherine from Zero Waste Scotland and guests Evie and Ollie discuss what the biggest cause of the climate crisis is, and how being a responsible consumer can help towards solving it.